Harnessing Chaos Engineering with Azure Chaos Studio

English Intermediate DevOps

Resilience is not merely about withstanding disruptions; it's about thriving amidst them. Learn how Azure Chaos Studio offers a managed service, empowering you to measure, understand, and ultimately enhance the resilience of your systems. Through controlled fault injection experiments, we'll uncover how to proactively identify weaknesses and fortify your applications against unforeseen challenges. From development to deployment, we'll navigate the critical importance of validating and improving application resilience.


Robert Cazacu

Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft

As a Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft, I am passionate about crafting innovative solutions. With experience in infrastructure engineering and automating tasks both in the cloud and on-premise environments, I am driven to streamline processes and enhance efficiency wherever possible. I'm genuinely thrilled about several areas within the tech industry, particularly DevOps, Networking, and Security. These fields represent crucial pillars in ensuring the smooth functioning and protection of digital systems and infrastructure.

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