No-Code Model Creation with Azure AutoML

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This session is focused on using Azure AutoML for automated model training in classification tasks. Participants will discover how to leverage Azure AutoML, a powerful feature of Azure Machine Learning, to streamline the model development process. The session will cover the benefits of using AutoML for building machine learning models and guide participants through the steps of dataset preparation and formatting. They will learn how AutoML automatically explores algorithms, hyperparameters, and data preprocessing techniques to identify the best model. Participants will also explore model selection and evaluation within Azure AutoML, interpreting performance metrics for informed decision-making. They will witness a practical demonstration of deploying the trained AutoML classification model in Azure ML. By the end of the session, participants will have a clear understanding of how Azure AutoML simplifies and accelerates model creation in machine learning such as classification tasks, enabling them to leverage AutoML effectively for automating model training using Azure ML.


Abdul Raheem

Gold Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador | Data Scientist

Abdul Raheem is a passionate senior computer science student with expertise in Machine Learning and deep learning. He is the founder of three international communities on COMSATS. He is also an active open-source contributor and loves to simplify complex topics in his blogs and videos.

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