Enhancing ChatGPT-like Experiences with Retrieval Augmented Generation and AI-powered Tools

English Intermediate Data & AI

In this talk, I will show you how to use AI-powered techniques to enhance your chatbot's performance with cognitive search. We will explore the challenges of semantic search on embeddings, such as the difficulty of embedding long documents and the ambiguity of user queries. Then, I will introduce Toolformer, which helps your chatbot decide which cognitive search to query based on the user's query and context. Next, we will discuss HYDE, a technique that improves the quality of search documents by generating a hypothetical answer and encoding it to retrieve relevant documents. You will learn how these AI-powered techniques can help you build a more effective chatbot that can accurately answer your users' questions using cognitive search. This talk is suitable for anyone interested in improving their chatbot's performance, regardless of their technical expertise.


Setu Chokshi

AI Ranger @ Microsoft, ex AI MVP

Setu Chokshi is a senior technical leader, innovator and specialist in machine learning and artificial intelligence. He is currently working as an AI Ranger at Microsoft. Previously he was the Director of Data Science at Property Guru Group in Singapore, Executive Director at Nielsen, and Senior Risk Manager at GE.

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