Performance tuning an Azure App Service API with K6 (cancelled due to illness)

English Intermediate Web

(Note: cancelled due to illness) On this session we will see how to assess the maximum performance of an ASP.NET API deployed into Azure App Service, create a baseline and implement optimizations, deploy them and see their outcome versus the original performance baseline. We will optionally check other performance indicators.


Jose Luis Latorre Millas

Microsoft MVP & International Speaker, Software developer and architect at Swiss Life focused in the cloud and passionate about .NET, Azure, AI, UI and OSS.

Jose is a Microsoft MVP & International Speaker who works as a .NET engineer/architect developing Azure Cloud solutions, with a focus on Performance, Profiling, performance testing & Software Architecture. He also loves UI/UX, mostly with XAML-based technologies - he was a Silverlight MVP - which shows passion and skills for this field. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and having fun while doing so, either at user group talks, conferences, and trainings. He works at Swiss Life as Developer Community Lead & Software Architect.

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