AMA and Cost Management in Azure

Polish Intermediate Mixed Reality

PL: Podczas sesji chcemy podzielić się z uczestnikami doświadczeniem i obserwacjami z naszych ostatnich projektów. Sesja Ask Me Anything jest skierowana do wszystkich uczestników spotkania, aby zabrać głos w sprawie Microsoft Azure. Pierwsza część: Ask Me Anything - Piotr i Michał będą odpowiadać na pytania od uczestników spotkania ale chętnie wysłuchają co mają do powiedzenia uczestnicy. Ten panel pomoże w wymianie zdań na temat rozwiązań które wykorzystaliśmy w projektach. Druga część: Temat przewodni spotkania to zarządzanie kosztami w Microsoft Azure. Zarządzanie kosztami jest najważniejszym elementem przy projektowaniu i budowaniu infrastruktury. Chcielibyśmy porozmawiać o najlepszych praktykach jak pracować oszczędnie w chmurze. EN: During the session, we want to share with the participants our experience and observations from our recent projects. The Ask Me Anything session is open to all meeting participants to speak about Microsoft Azure. First part: Ask Me Anything - Piotr and Michał will answer questions from the participants of the meeting, but they will be happy to listen to what the participants have to say. This panel will help in the exchange of views on the solutions we used in the projects. The second part: The main topic of the meeting is cost management in Microsoft Azure. Cost management is the most important element when designing and building infrastructure. We would like to talk about the best practices on how to work economically in the cloud.


Piotr Rogala

IT expert, leader, passionate rally driver. Piotr currently works at Nordcloud, where he deals with cloud solutions based on Microsoft Azure solutions. He is the leader of the Wroclaw Azure team and supports clients in digital transformation to the cloud for increasing their business potential. At the universities of WSB, WSH, and WSIZ Copernicus, he conducts postgraduate copyright classes, sharing the practical knowledge he has acquired throughout his career. For the last three years in a row, he has been awarded the MVP - Most Valuable Professional award by Microsoft. He is a certified trainer confirmed by MCT - Microsoft Certified Trainer award. In his free time, in his free time, he organizes and participates in many workshops, often as a key speaker. He is also the organizer of the Microsoft Azure User Group Poland group in Wrocław. His portfolio includes projects related to the automation of the launch of complex environments on-demand in the clouds of various suppliers. He also built an automation process for the application of a leading American ERP software provider and service for universities around the world. Piotr is currently engaged in developing new cloud solutions and task management optimization. Technical articles you can find it on this page:

Michał Jankowski

Microsoft MVP AI & Azure | Cloud and Low Code Lead Technologist / Solution Architect at Objectivity

Michal – Microsoft MVP AI & Azure, an architect, designer, team leader and trainer. He began programming in the early ’90s from Basic and Assembler for 8-bit computers. During most of his career, he was delivering .NET platform targeted applications for the world’s largest companies. Currently, he is specialising in the development of web applications and Azure environment. A great enthusiast of software craftsmanship, unit testing, software design and other topics related to software development. In his free time, when he is not playing with the code, he likes travelling, photography and writing a technical blog (

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