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Leon is a Group Program Manager responsible for UX and developer framework for overall Azure user experience (including Azure portal at, Azure mobile app in iOS and Android, IaaS user experiences, horizontal management services experiences, and UX dev framework for Azure UX).


Leon Welicki

Principal Group Program Manager @@ Microsoft

I am a Group Program Manager at Microsoft in C+AI responsible for Azure's UX (user experience) product. The work of my team includes delivery of the core management user experiences, design patterns across all Azure, overall Azure UX shell and runtime, internal UX development framework and components, deployment infrastructure, operations, telemetry, QoS initiatives across all Azure, and product specific experiences (like core services, IaaS UX, Compute, Storage, Network, etc.). The most visible outcomes of my team's work are the Azure Portal and the Azure Mobile app. Previously I worked in the WF team (Windows Workflow Foundation). During my tenure in the WF team I had the opportunity of contributing to a wide range of areas including activities, workflow runtime, programming model, usability, and partnerships between the WF team and key Microsoft products like SharePoint and Dynamics CRM. Before joining Microsoft I was a Project Manager and Lead Architect at ONO (Cableuropa S.A.U.) and an Associate Professor in the Graduate School of the Computer Science Faculty at the Pontifical University of Salamanca at Madrid (UPSAM). I have a PhD in Computer Science and a Master of Science in Software Engineering from Pontifical University of Salamanca at Madrid (Madrid, Spain) and a BSc in Computer Science from Universidad CAECE (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

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