Global Azure 2024

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April 18th-20th

+500 speakers

6 continents

+600 sessions

Communities around the world are taking part in Global Azure 2024!

A total of 46 communities and 50 locations around the world...and growing. Clieck here to add your pin to the map!

Global Azure 2024 is here!
Over 3 days, communities around the world are organizing localized hybrid events and live streams for everyone around the world to join and learn about Azure from the best-in-class community leaders.

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Three ways to get involved in Global Azure!


Q: I want to organize. How do I get our community pin on the map?

A: Easy! You head over to our Community GitHub repo and follow the instructions how to claim your pin on the Global Azure map!

Q: How do we sponsor Global Azure?

A: To sponsor one or a couple of community events near you, please contact the organizers of those individually! To sponsor globally, head on over to our sponsor page and find out more!

Q: How do I speak at Global Azure?

A: Find the community you would like to speak at in the pin map above or from our communities page and submit on their Call For Papers! If they don't have an open CFP or if you can't figure out how to contact them, please connect with Global Azure using our contact form!

Global Azure streams happening worldwide

The Global Azure community is truly global. People all around the globe driven by their passion to share their knowledge with audiences all over the world. We salute them and encourage you to join their live streams. Explore the speakers below or head over to your session catalogue.

Check out the 2024's community heroes

Each speaker hosts their own stream. In order to join their stream, open the session's details page and select the 'Join stream' button.

57 speakers

57 sessions

  • Intré, Passionate dev, author, learner

    Alberto Acerbis

    I am basically an eternal onlooker. I've always defined myself as a backend developer, but I don't disdain poking around on the other side of the code either. I like to think that 'writing' software is mainly about solving business problems and providing value to the customer, and in this I find DDD patterns a great help. I work as a software engineer at Intré, a company that espouses this ideology; as a good introvert, I find it difficult to come out of the closet, but I like to get out of my comfort zone to share with others the things I have learnt, so that I can find the right stimuli each time to continue improving. I like to frequent the community world, contributing, when I can, with active proposals. I am co-founder of the DDD Open and Polenta and Deploy communities, and an active member of other communities such as Blazor Developer Italiani. I am an Azure Solution Architect and Azure IoT Developer

    Using .NET and Azure to build and deploy microservices architecture
  • Welol Next, .Net Full Stack Developer, Azure Associate

    Alberto Annunziata

    Laureato in ingegneria informatica nel 2013, Tech Lead in ambito .Net presso Welol, sono un fan di Azure e container.

    DAPR e Azure Container Apps
  • CEO @ Welol Next - BU Director Azure and Modern Workplace PA Expertise - Retelit Group

    Alberto Jacomuzzi

    Entrepreneur. Experience for innovation Software and Solution Architect - Azure Enthusiast Talks about #azure, #microsoft365, #cloudcomputing, #modernworkplace

    Welcome to Global Azure Torino 2023
  • SPO & Power Platform lover | MCT | Speaker | Blogger | PnP Contributor

    Angelo Gulisano

    Focused on Power Platform solutions and SharePoint. I deal daily with analysis, design and software development. Passionate about Microsoft technologies, especially Microsoft 365. I'm Microsoft Certificate Trainer, Speaker, Blogger and PnP Contributor.

    Power Apps - Applicazioni moderne e monitorate
  • Welol, Delivery Manager Azure

    Antonio Buonaiuto

    Antonio lavora come Solution Architect presso Welol, azienda italiana di sviluppo software Gold Partner Microsoft, con sedi a Torino, Roma e Cagliari. Antonio è un ingegniere delle Telecomunicazioni (DIEE, Cagliari) e da oltre dieci anni lavora nello sviluppo software con tecnologie Microsoft. Negli ultimi anni si è concentrato nella progettazione di soluzioni per il cloud Azure utilizzando in particolare, core, Azure AD B2C, Azure AD, SignalR ed Azure Functions. Attualmente segue la progettazione e l'implementazione di archietture sul cloud Azure in contesti ibridi e cloud-native.

    L'Azure Stack HCI è servito
    ...And Hybrid Connectivity for all
  • Chief Technology Officer @ Blexin s.r.l.

    Antonio Liccardi

    Antonio Liccardi is a book author and trainer working as Chief Technology Officer at Blexin. Thanks to his love for sharing, he co-founded “DotNetCampania” (an Italian .NET community), with which he helps others to improve their knowledge about .NET Ecosystem and more in general about coding. Antonio is a frequent speaker at conferences, and Microsoft has awarded him as MVP for Visual Studio Developer Technologies since 2015. You can find him on Twitter as @turibbio.

    Implementing Chaos Engineering in Kubernetes
  • Architect Solution - Blexin srl

    Antonio Venditti

    Appassionato di Tecnologia da sempre, Senior Developer .Net da oltre un decennio.

    Implementing Chaos Engineering in Kubernetes
  • Senior Research & Development Engineer @Deltatre

    Clemente Giorio

    Hacker, geek, maker, researcher, innovator, trainer, developer... Has made science and technology his passion other than his job. Follows many communities and is often actively involved as a speaker and event organizer in particular with: Coding Gym, DotNetPodcast, FabLabNapoli, DotNetCampania and HoloLens Developers. His signature dishes, far from the stove, are: Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Internet of Things, Natural User Interface and Mixed Reality. Microsoft MVP and Intel Software Innovator, works as Senior Research & Development Engineer for Deltatre, where he develops software prototypes.

    Generative AI Beyond the Hype: leveraging less-discussed models, frameworks, and tools on your own
  • User Endpoint Solution Architect @4wardPRO

    Davide Salsi

    Davide currently works as a User Endpoint Solution Architecht at 4wardPRO SpA where he has over 10 years of work experience implementing Microsoft Endpoint Management solutions both in On-Premise and Cloud (Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager and Microsoft Intune). He also deals with Modern Deployment solutions for the Windows 10 operating systems distribution and Microsoft 365 Apps suite. In 2021, Microsoft awarded him the title "Most Valuable Professional" (MVP) in the Enterprise Mobility category for sharing his knowledge with others. Davide is Co-Founder of the first Italian User Group focused on Microsoft Endpoint Manager (; this user group based on Linkedin is an open and collaborative technology community, created to discuss, improve and disseminate device management technology through Microsoft solutions. He is also a contributor to Cloud Community (, the Italian community dedicated to Cloud management and governance.

    Microsoft 365 Modern Desktop Management - La gestione moderna dei device con Microsoft Intune
  • Microsoft - Director Global Partner Solutions

    Fabio Santini

    Experienced technology executive with a deep understanding of cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Proven track record of solving complex technical problems and leading teams with empathy and clarity. Adept at breaking down complex technologies for wider understanding and implementing strategic changes to drive business growth. Extensive experience in multinational companies. In my free time a like to perform card magic and drive fast cars.

    Direction of AI and ChatGPT
  • Cloud Infrastructure Director at 4wardPRO, Microsoft MVP Cloud and Datacenter Management

    Francesco Molfese

    Francesco Molfese graduated in Computer Engineering at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia in 2004. In 2005 he began his work experience in the Information Technology (IT) sector. Since 2012 he holds the qualification of "Microsoft Certified Trainer" (MCT) which has led him to teach several official Microsoft courses concerning Microsoft Azure. In 2016, Microsoft awarded him the title "Most Valuable Professional" (MVP) in the "Cloud and Datacenter Management" specialization for sharing his technical expertise and for his commitment to Microsoft and the communities. At the company where he works, he holds the role of Director of the "Cloud Infrastructure" Business Unit, where he is responsible for the company's technical presence in the Cloud Infrastructure market. He defines, directs, and shares the organizational, technological, and strategic vision of the Business Unit. He coordinates and governs the carrying out of the activities of the working groups and all the research and development activities of the Business Unit. Furthermore, he oversees the organizational and procedural flows that affect this Business Unit. Francesco is also the Community Lead of the Italian Cloud Community ( and he is a frequent speaker at leading IT Pro conferences in Italy.

    Attiva il Disaster Recovery dei tuoi workload in modo semplice e veloce grazie ad Azure
  • R&D Technical Lead @ Deltatre

    Gianni Rosa Gallina

    Gianni is Windows Development MVP since 2011 and double-awarded AI MVP in 2020, focused on emerging technologies, AI and Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality since 2013. Currently he is R&D Technical Lead in Deltatre's Innovation Lab, designing and prototyping next generation solutions for sport related experiences and services, from VR/MR apps to end-to-end in Azure architectures, passing by Cognitive Services, AI and much more. Besides that, he's an active member of the local community “Torino Technologies Group” (TTG), organizer and trainer for Coding Gym Torino monthly meetups, Pluralsight online courses author, publish articles on his blog and he's speaker in national and international tech conferences and events.

    Generative AI Beyond the Hype: leveraging less-discussed models, frameworks, and tools on your own
  • Welol, Senior System Engineer

    Livio Chiapparo

    Ho cominciato ad appassionarmi di informatica da quando ho ricevuto il mio primo Personal Computer, un IBM PS/1. Da allora ho avuto il privilegio di assistere a una radicale trasformazione del settore in oltre tre decenni di evoluzione tecnologica. Ho lavorato in diverse aziende, su diverse piattaforme informatiche, acquisendo una vasta esperienza nel campo dell'infrastruttura IT, del networking e della sicurezza informatica, occupando ruoli sempre più sfidanti e stimolanti. Ho trascorso gli ultimi anni a gestire progetti di migrazione verso il cloud di Microsoft, aiutando le aziende a sfruttarne i vantaggi in termini di scalabilità e flessibilità. Grazie alla mia esperienza, sono in grado di fornire un supporto completo per l'implementazione e la gestione di soluzioni cloud, garantendo sempre la massima efficienza e sicurezza. P.s. Nessun WordStar 7.0 è stato maltrattato per scrivere quanto sopra!

    L'Azure Stack HCI è servito
  • CEO Lorenzograsseni.IT , IT Consulting Overnet Education

    Lorenzo Grasseni

    Diplomato nel 1990, MCT Trainer , certificato Microsoft in ambienti M365 e in particolare Security. Ho maturato esperianze in tecnologie di virtualizzazione (VmWare) e VDI (Citrix - Microsoft). Ho fondato la lorenzograsseni.IT nel 2008 con particolare riguardo alla gestione dell'identita' , sia in ambienti on-prem che hybrid, focalizzando l'attezione sulla security nel mondo Microsoft. Dal 2018 faccio parte del team di consulenza di Overnet Education.

    Azure Virtual Desktop: il vero DaaS
  • Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft

    Marco Moioli

    I’m a Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect for the Italian subsidiary specialized in infrastructure and security. My goal is to enable Microsoft partners in understanding and proposing solutions based on Azure Cloud and Microsoft 365. I'm currently focused on Security, Windows 365, Azure Virtual Desktop and Hybrid infrastructure solutions. I’m leading three different LinkedIn communities: - Microsoft Security Italian User Group - MEM Italian User Group - Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 Italian User Group

    Cloud Security Management IN & OUT con Microsoft Azure
  • former Azure MVP, Azure Technical Trainer @ Microsoft, Geek to the bone

    Marco Obinu

    Curious by nature, talkative geek who can speak in front of a public or a camera, in love with technology, especially Azure and SQL Server. I want to understand how things work and to solve problems by myself during work as in my many hobbies.

    Secure your Azure SQL deployment (IT)

    Mario Serra

    Mario Serra lavora come IT Consultant in un’azienda specializzata in soluzioni, servizi e consulenze informatiche per aziende e per professionisti. Da più di 20 anni è nel nel settore dell'IT è ha così potuto approfondire la sua conoscenza in molti ambiti tra cui quello della security e infrastructure. Nel mondo Microsoft è particolarmente skillato su soluzioni di Modern Workplace, Security e Identity, Microsoft Azure e virtualizzazione. Nel corso del tempo ha conseguito differenti certificazioni Microsoft in Active directory, Networking, Server Virtualization e Server Administrator. E' stato Microsoft MVP per la categoria Directory Services, Remote Desktop Services e Enterprise Mobility, ora è MVP Reconnect Ha un blog di carattere tecnico dove scrive articoli ed esperienze apprese sul campo su tecnologie Microsoft ma non solo. Ha partecipato come speaker a differenti eventi e Conferenze sulle tecnologie Microsoft.

    Azure Virtual Desktop: il vero DaaS
  • Senior Consultant | CTO Overnet | MVP Enterprise Mobility

    Michele Sensalari

    Laureato in Scienze dell'Informazione e MCT trainer specializzato principalmente nell'ambiente IT, Security e Formazione su differenti tecnologie Microsoft da Windows Server a SCCM in ambienti locali, da Microsoft 365 ad Azure passando per Microsoft Endpoint Manager in ambiente hybrid cloud. Lavoro come dipendente part-time (50%) presso il Dipartimento di Informatica dell'Università degli Studi di Milano, dove svolgo l'attività di sistemista Microsoft, e come consulente libero professionista nel restante tempo. Come consulente svolgo attività di progettazione, implementazione, troubleshooting di ambienti ibridi basati su tecnologie Microsoft, progettazione e implementazione di funzionalità di sicurezza delle suite Microsoft e attività di docente/speaker. Da Agosto 2020 Microsoft MVP nella categoria Entreprise Mobility, da Febbraio 2021 CTO di Overnet Education.

    Cloud Security Management IN & OUT con Microsoft Azure
  • Senior Developer & Consultant | Microsoft MVP Developer Technologies

    Mirco Vanini

    Consultant focused on industrial and embedded solutions using .NET and other native SDKs with over 30 years of experience, XeDotNet community co-founder, speaker and Microsoft MVP since 2012. Passionate and curious about everything that revolves around the IoT world.

    Connect a chips to azure
  • Cloud Solutions Engineer - beantech S.r.l.

    Nicola Paro

    Nicola Paro is a Cloud Solutions Engineer in beanTech with over 8 years of experience in the industry. His main focus is on developing innovative and effective solutions, with a deep understanding of the entire software development life cycle. He's dedicated to continuous learning and always seeks to improve his skills and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends. He loves developing applications using .NET and Blazor.

    Al supermercato con Azure Data Explorer
  • Head of Security -

    Pietro Visentin

    Sono un Security Architect appassionato di tecnologie Microsoft. Dirigo il team di Microsoft Security in, e scrivo su riguardo a tecnologie Microsoft, con un focus per la sicurezza delle identità. In consulenza supporto i clienti nella progettazione, nell'implementazione e nella protezione delle infrastrutture cloud Microsoft.

    (Password)less is more
  • Azure Cloud and AI Senior Consultant

    Raffaele Fanizzi

    Raffaele works in Microsoft as a Senior Technical Consultant in the Azure Cloud and AI domain and worked on many projects based on Azure and Office 365 services in the role of consultant and technical developers lead. He has always pushed for an organizanited approach to the design and development of the solutions, exploiting the latest technologies based on Azure and Office 365 services, as well as Agile and DevOps well know practices.

    Performance Testing using Azure Load Testing
  • Senior Consultant @ Microsys

    Riccardo Corna

    All’età di 5 anni, grazie ad un PC Philips e a MS-DOS, ho conosciuto l’informatica e ancora oggi, armato di un paio di occhiali da nerd e di svariati dispositivi, eccomi qui in questo mondo “in cloud”. Lavoro come Senior Consultant per Microsys, società partner di Microsoft. Ho oltre 15 anni di esperienza su tecnologie Microsoft e, nel mio attuale ruolo, disegno ed implemento soluzioni cloud basate su Microsoft 365 ed Azure, secondo un approccio Zero Trust Security. Pubblico contenuti tecnici ad argomento Microsoft sul mio blog e, insieme ad altri appassionati, gestisco su Linkedin la community “Microsoft Security Italian Users Group”, dedicata alle tecnologie Microsoft in ambito Identity & Security sulla quale teniamo eventi, pubblichiamo le novità di settore e articoli tecnici.

    (Password)less is more
  • BI & Power BI Engineer @ Lucient | Microsoft Data Platform MVP

    Riccardo Perico

    Back in 2010 I started working in Information Technology. After a brief experience as ERP Consultant, I moved into Data Realm. I spent these years exploring Data world from different points of view, both as DBA and Business Intelligence Engineer. I'm a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), Microsoft Data Analyst Associate, Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA), Microsoft Certified Solution Associate (MCSA) in database, BI and Azure areas. Microsoft MVP for Data Platform category. I'm one of the leaders of Power BI User Group in Italy and I'd been speaker during the Power Platform World Tour and Power Platform Bootcamp stops in Italy. I'm also speaker during Azure Saturday, SQL Saturday and Data Saturday events in Europe. Last but not least, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal addicted!

    Table Distribution in Dedicated Pool: That is not "a simple table"
  • Cloud Solution Architect Modern Work @ Microsoft

    Roberto Ferazzi

    Roberto has been active in Information Technology since 1989. In 1999 he obtained the first Microsoft Certification and since 2000 is Microsoft Certified Trainer. He worked as a consultant, advisor, trainer and speaker specializing in Microsoft technologies. From 2015 to 2022, Roberto received the Microsoft MVP award on Office Apps and Services. He is one of the organizational heads of and BeConnected Day conference.

    Build Your Own Teams with Azure Communication Services
  • Solution Architect, Conference Speaker, Author (7 books), CTO @Witailer, Microsoft Azure MVP

    Roberto Freato

    I've been an independent IT consultant since I started to work. After my MSc in computer science engineering with a thesis about consumer cloud computing I got specialization in Cloud and Azure. Today I work as a freelance consultant for major companies in Italy, helping clients to design and kick-off their distributed software solutions. I wrote some books on Microsoft Azure, for K12 education and I train/speak for the developer community in many national and international conferences. I hold 45+ technical certifications on various vendors (MS, Sun, EXIN, Apple, Cisco, IBM) and I am a Microsoft MVP since 2010. In the last years I've been also CTO for ReStore, an eCommerce company leading the Click & Collect Italian eCommerce market for grocery, and now for Witailer, a leading company in the Amazon and eMarketplace services for brands.

    Green must be convenient
  • Principal Cloud Engineer - ING Australia

    Aaron Saikovski

    Principal Cloud Engineer at ING with over 30 years of commercial experience with 10 years in the Azure Platform space. Expertise in C#/DotNet, ARM, Bicep, Terraform, PowerShell, Bash, GoLang and Python. and some Rust.

    Python for the Azure Platform Engineer
  • Solution Architect

    Amit Khatri

    Amit is Solution Architect with over 18 years of industry experience, working with Microsoft for 9+ years. He is a research scholar and researching on Cyber Security. He has vast experience in leading large scale cloud migration programs and has delivered such programs in several countries including Australia, APAC, India & Europe. He is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, and his key skills are Azure Infrastructure, Cyber Security, Cloud Migrations & DevOps. He has worked with customers mostly from Banking, Mining, Telecom & Aeronautical Industries.

    Modernizing with Azure Networking: How to Help Customers Adopt New Design
  • Principal Security Technologist

    Ankul Bhardwaj

    Ankul is a seasoned cybersecurity professional, specializing in crafting and implementing solutions for clients in highly regulated industries and critical infrastructure. With over 20 years of expertise, he excels in developing strategic cybersecurity transformation roadmaps, designing solution architectures, and spearheading expansive security modernization initiatives. Ankul brings a wealth of experience from his tenure at Microsoft and AWS, showcasing a track record of delivering and leading challenging programs with a focus on robust technical solutions.

    Empowering Security: Accelerating Your Zero Trust Journey with Microsoft Entra
  • Microsoft - Principal Cloud Solution Architect

    Anthony Watherston

    I've worked for the last 9 years in the Azure Infrastructure space in automation and governance. A contributor to many open-source projects - the latest being Enterprise Policy as Code (EPAC)

    Enterprise Policy As Code - Advanced Azure Policy Management
  • Consultant ISD

    Balaji Navaneethan

    Balaji is a seasoned Azure Infrastructure Consultant, he has over two decades of industry experience. His expertise spans across both Office 365 and Azure platforms. He holds a specialization in Azure Networking and is also an MCT.

    Modernizing with Azure Networking: How to Help Customers Adopt New Design
  • Lead Engineer (Azure) - Mantel Group

    Craig Moyle

    Senior Cloud Consultant with over 8 years' experience across Azure and AWS Clouds, working for some of Australia's most innovative organisations. During this time, Craig worked on projects for some of Australia's leading companies, including ANZ, NAB, Telstra and BHP. Specialising in: * Infrastructure modernisation * Cloud migrations * Automating the deployment and management of Cloud estates * Solution design and implementation * DevOps practices

    Deploying Applications in AKS vs Container Apps
  • Microsoft Azure MVP | Consultant @ Arinco

    Danidu Weerasinghe

    I am a Consultant at Arinco, a leading cloud and digital transformation consultancy in Australia.I am a Microsoft MVP (Azure) and a Microsoft Certified Trainer. I have also earned 10 Microsoft cloud certifications, demonstrating my deep knowledge and skills in Azure and other cloud technologies.

    Choosing your Azure WAF Solution
  • Fixer of cloud security issues - founder of ARGOS Cloud Security - strongman - pilot

    David O'Brien

    David is the founder of ARGOS Cloud Security (htttps:// and has previously held a Microsoft MVP award for 9 years, including the prestigious MVP for Azure. A regular speaker at international conferences, meetups, and user groups he combines his interest to travel the world with his passion to share IT stories with the community. He has been blogging about cloud, security, and automation for over a decade and regularly delivers in-person training courses across the world. Outside of IT David is an active aviator with over 20 years' flying experience, and an aspiring Strongman athlete.

    Applying aviation style principles to cloud security - let's not crash in the cloud
  • Lead Platform Engineer @ Mantel Group

    Dylan McCarthy

    Hi, my name is Dylan McCarthy and I am a Lead Platform Engineer at Mantel Group. I have been in IT since 2015 and worked across many roles from Software Development through to DevOps and now Platform Engineering. I am passionate about sharing knowledge about technology and how we can use the cloud and cloud technologies to assist developers in making great software.

    Platform Engineering vs DevOps
  • Breaking Barriers, Igniting Change

    Egharevba Stephanie

    I am Egharevba Stephanie Osasumwen, a dynamic creative professional with a passion for blending technology, art, and storytelling to create impactful experiences. As an entry-level data analyst, I possess a strong foundation in data analysis and a drive to leverage data for informed decision-making and problem-solving. Beyond my technical expertise, I am deeply committed to community building and fostering inclusivity within the industry. I believe in the power of collaboration and creating spaces where diverse voices are heard and valued. I actively seek opportunities to contribute to building inclusive communities, where individuals from all backgrounds can thrive and make meaningful contributions. With my unique combination of skills in product design, technical writing and data analysis, I approach problem-solving from a holistic perspective. In addition to my professional pursuits, I am also a spoken word poet who uses language and performance to explore themes of identity, community, and social justice. This artistic expression enhances my ability to connect with people and understand their needs and experiences. I look forward to connecting with individuals who are passionate about building inclusive communities and leveraging data for the greater good.

    Breaking Barriers: Fostering Inclusivity in the Tech Industry"
  • Microsoft Azure MVP | State Lead @ Arinco

    James Westall

    James is a State Lead for Arinco Australia specialising in Azure Cloud & AWS infrastructure. James has worked closely with several organisations in architectural consulting and delivery using Microsoft Core and Cloud technologies, and can talk your ear off for days around cybersecurity, cloud native technology and DevOps practices. James hates buzzwords, and loves a good rant…

    Zero to Hero - Prompt Engineering for Dummies
  • General Manager and Solution Specialist at LobsterPot Solutions

    Kelly Broekstra

    I am a Microsoft MVP, and an Information Management, Business Intelligence and Project Management specialist with extensive data warehouse development experience and a passion for understanding client requirements to create the best solution achievable.

    Building a great integrated data model with Microsoft Fabric
  • Practice Director at Versent | Technology Leader | Cloud, DevOps, Digital Transformation

    Lachlan Wright

    Lachlan is a passionate technology leader and consultant specialising in cloud, DevOps and Digital Transformation. Lachlan is very interested in the possibilities of generative AI and Copilot tools and helping organisations adopt and excel in this space. As a Practice Director at Versent, Lachlan enjoys working with a talented group of great people to deliver outcomes that exceed expectations.

    AI at Your Fingertips: Decoding the Future with GitHub Copilot
  • Llama Wrangler - Home Automation Nerd - Microsoft MVP

    Lars Klint

    Lars is a Principal Magician with Arkahna in Australia, an author, trainer, Microsoft Azure MVP, community leader, aspiring YouTube host and part time classic car collector. He is heavily involved in the space of cloud computing services, especially Azure, and is a published author, solution architect and writer for numerous publications. He has been a part of the software development community for the past 20 years and co-organises the DDD Melbourne community conference, organises developer events with Microsoft, and also runs a part time car restoration business. He has spoken at numerous technical events around the world and is an expert in Australian Outback Internet.

    I Connected My Farm To The Internet. Now What?
  • Cloud solutions Architect

    Mehdi Modarressi

    Mehdi is a solution architect working in the cloud for the past 8 years and with Azure for the past five years.

    Systems for when the cloud is rainy: designing for reliability in Azure
  • GitHub DevRel 🥑 | Hackathon Queen®™ | Founder | Esports Queen

    Michelle "MishManners" Duke

    I'm a multi-talented personality in the tech and gaming communities. As a developer advocate 🥑, get to create awesome experiences and engage with the vibrant GitHub developer community. I've spoken at over 250 events on topics like AI, the future of work, communication, teamwork, and have given technical demos. I'm a respected leader in the hackathon community, having won, organised, and mentored over 100 hackathons. I have founded several tech companies—including an AI company, and an escooter business—and, as a result, sits at the forefront of Melbourne’s science, tech, esports and startup scenes. In my 'spare' time I'm a streamer, journalist, and always working on something exciting ⚡ So catch me at an event or streaming on Twitch!

    Level up with GitHub Copilot: using AI to learn, code, and build
  • Principal Cloud Architect and Developer

    Paco de la Cruz

    Paco is a principal cloud solution architect and developer with 20+ years of professional experience architecting and implementing cloud platforms, integration solutions, and distributed applications. He has been working with Azure since 2015 and has been recognised as an Azure MVP for 6 years. In his consulting career, Paco has had the opportunity to work for many different organisations in diverse industries solving very interesting and complex engineering challenges.

    Supercharging your Azure Integration Solutions with OpenAI
  • Tinkler at heart. Engineer @ Microsoft.

    Vikas Rajput

    Tinkler at heart. Engineer, Architect, Speaker. Part of Digital Natives @Microsoft - cross-solution, Azure, OSS and Partner based remit.

    Embracing Chaos for a Resilient Solution
  • Lead Software Engineer at Azenix

    Will Velida

    Will is a Lead Software Engineer at Azenix, where he helps customers build reliable and resilient applications using Microsoft Azure, and loves using serverless and container technologies. Will has extensive experience in software development, building solutions in the financial, health and agricultural industries. Will has also been a Microsoft MVP and part of the Fast Track for Azure team during his time at Microsoft. Will regularly speaks at conferences, user groups and developer events around the world. When he is away from his keyboard, you'll find him hiking around the countryside

    Building and operating cloud-native applications with Radius and Azure.
  • Yogi Srivastava - Principal Security Software Engineer at Microsoft Melbourne

    Yogi Srivastava

    As a Principal Security Software Engineer at Microsoft, I help customers secure the security of their solutions and meet the security compliance requirements. I have over 18 years of experience securing applications and its platform, Cloud and AI security including Identity and Access management as well. I have a proven track record of delivering meaningful outcomes for business and customers, by applying my skills and knowledge in secure architecture and design, secure code review, penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, security controls auditing, security risk assessments, and security compliance. I hold an MBA degree, as well as ITIL v3 and AgilePM certifications, which enable me to manage projects and processes effectively and efficiently. I am passionate about security and constantly learning new technologies and best practices to stay ahead of the evolving threats and challenges.

    Securing the phases of the Generative AI lifecycle
  • Lunavi, Lead Developer

    Alec Harrison

    I am Alec Harrison a software development enthusiast passionate about test-driven development, cloud technologies, and agile methodologies. In my free time you'll find me learning about new Azure technologies and helping to run the Iowa Microsoft Azure User Group!

    Azure Open AI
  • Microsoft, Senior Cloud Advocate

    Amy Colyer

    Amy Colyer is a passionate tech enthusiast with a deep knowledge of infrastructure technologies after being in the industry for over 20 years. She has crossed platforms such as networking, server engineering, virtualization, automation and now cloud. Amy is certified in VMware, was a 5 times vExpert, as well as, being certified as an Azure Solutions Architect Expert. Community empowerment has always been very important to her and fueled her to work on training materials to enable individual success. As a Senior Cloud Advocate, she is excited to bring that passion to Microsoft and share her knowledge on Azure technologies to the community.

    Connecting in the Clouds
  • Microsoft Azure MVP, Speaker, Author, Trainer, and .Net Developer

    Brian Gorman

    Brian is a Microsoft Azure MVP and is an experienced speaker, author, trainer, and .Net developer with MCSA: Web App Certification, MCSD: App Builder, and eleven Azure certifications including Azure Developer, Administrator, DevOps, Architect, Data Administrator, Security, IoT, CosmosDB, and a number of fundamentals, and has been an MCT since 2018. Brian has a masters of science degree in computer information systems, and a bachelor of science degree in computer science. Additionally, Brian has over ten years of experience instructing college courses online in SQL databases, C#/VB.Net/and Java object-oriented programming, and Microsoft Office. Brian has created many online technical training courses that can be found online on various platforms. Brian has also published a book with APress entitled "Practical Entity Framework" The second edition of the book targeting .Net Core 6 was released in late November of 2021. Brian has a new book slated to be released in 2023 on the AZ-204 Exam.

    Architecting and Building Serverless Solutions in Azure
    Architecting and Building Serverless Solutions in Azure (part 2)
  • Global Principal Cloud Security Lead for Atos | MVP - Azure | (ISC)2 CCSP, CISSP |MCT Regional Lead | AWS Security & Identity Community Builder | Cloud Training Architect for Opsgility

    Dwayne Natwick

    Dwayne is the Global Principal Cloud Security Lead for Atos. He is also a Microsoft MVP for Azure, AWS Community Builder for Security & Identity, and an author, trainer, and product manager with over 30 years of experience in the IT industry. He is certified in multiple Azure and M365 roles, including Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect Expert, Azure Solution Architect Expert, AWS Solution Architect Associate, Azure Administrator Associate, Microsoft Security Analyst Associate, Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator Associate, Microsoft Information Protection Administrator Associate, Azure Security Engineer Associate, and Microsoft 365 Security Administrator Associate. In addition to creating curriculum, training, and blog writing, Dwayne is also a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Regional Lead. Dwayne has also authored two books for Packt Publishing, with a third on the way.

    Global Azure 2023 - Gimme Cloud Talks Day 1 Kick-off
    Global Azure 2023 - Gimme Cloud Talks Day 2 Kick-off
    Connecting in the Clouds
    Path to Cloud Security Certification
    Architecting a Zero Trust Framework in Azure
  • Microsoft Azure MVP, MCT, Cloud Architect Manager

    Elkhan Yusubov

    Elkhan is a cloud architect, tech trainer, and mentor with experience in enterprise healthcare systems and Microsoft Azure. He is an active Microsoft MVP and MCT, a member of the Microsoft Tech Community, and an Azure SME (Architecture, DevOps, Security) - who is leading the cloud and infrastructure group. He is a community speaker and has volunteered for local and global events; Global Azure, Cloud Lunch and Learn, Azure Back to School, Azure Spring Clean, Festive Tech Calendar, Give Camps, Azure Data Fest, SQL Saturdays, and others. Over the years, Elkhan proudly contributed to Microsoft Azure, Security, and HL7 FHIR communities to advance data interoperability, secure design, and help communities move forward.

    Why should you be managing cloud resource hygiene in your environment?
    Exam prep session for AZ-220: Microsoft Azure IoT Developer
    Exam prep session for AZ-305: Microsoft Azure Architect
    What to expect on an upcoming Azure Bicep version 1.0?
  • Developer Engagement Lead at Microsoft, Tech Communities Lead, Keynote Speaker

    Maxim Salnikov

    Maxim Salnikov is an Oslo-based cloud and tech community geek. He is a webdev maestro who builds apps since the end of the last century and shares his extensive web platform experience by speaking & training at developer events around the world. Daytime, Maxim is boosting cloud skills at the country scale by leading developer engagement in Microsoft Norway. In the evenings, you'll find him organizing the country's main web & mobile development meetups.

    How Azure helps to build better business processes and customer experiences with AI
  • Microsoft MVP | Azure Solutions Ambassador & Architect @ ConXioN

    Micha Wets

    As a Microsoft MVP, Micha enjoys talking about all Azure & Powershell topics and has already spoken at Microsoft conferences, International User Group events, Microsoft hosted webinars & Workshops and more. He has over 15 years of experience as a DevOps engineer and has in depth knowledge of private, hybrid and public clouds. Today Micha mainly focuses on Powershell, Azure, Azure DevOps, RDS (Remote Desktop Services) & AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop) environments and is particularly knowledgeable about migrating those environments to Azure. Micha is freelance Azure Solutions Ambassador & Architect @ ConXioN and works with Microsoft on Azure, RDS & AVD

    Battle for the Hybrid Cloud: The Spring Edition
  • Microsoft Technical Trainer and Cloud Evangelist

    Robert McNair

    Meet Robert McNair, a highly motivated public speaker with 20 years of experience in IT. As a skilled speaker, Robert captivates audiences with his energetic delivery and in-depth knowledge of the cloud industry. With a passion for technology and a strong drive to educate others, Robert has made a name for himself as one of the most sought after speakers in the field. Robert began his career in the technology industry 20 years ago, starting as a software developer and quickly rising through the ranks to become a respected leader in the field. Over the years, Robert has gained extensive knowledge and experience in cloud technology, and has been a key player in several successful cloud migrations and implementations. In addition to his technical expertise, Robert is also known for his motivational speaking style. He has a gift for inspiring others and has been praised for his ability to make complex technical concepts easy to understand for all audiences. With his engaging personality and dynamic presentation skills, Robert is able to connect with audiences and leave a lasting impact. To further his knowledge and skills as a speaker, Robert became John Maxwell Certified, and has been trained in the principles and practices of effective communication and leadership. With this training, Robert has been able to bring a unique perspective to his speaking engagements, and has been able to share his knowledge and experiences in a way that resonates with audiences. Whether speaking at conferences, workshops, or corporate events, Robert is always energetic and passionate about his work. He is dedicated to educating others on the importance of cloud technology and its impact on the future. With his experience and commitment to excellence, Robert is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who hear him speak.

    Cloud Security: The importance of Defending your Organization
  • Cybersecurity Manager, Microsoft Certified Trainer, Course Instructor, Keynote speaker, Blogger

    Uros Babic

    Graduate electrical engineer, currently employed in NIS oil industry as Cybersecurity manager and Microsoft Certified Azure Trainer at Semos Education, Keynote Speaker and Blogger

    Active Directory Incident Response and Remediation in Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Azure MVP | MCT | Azure Technical Advisor

    Wim Matthyssen

    Wim is an Azure Technical Advisor and Trainer with over fifteen years of Microsoft technology experience. As a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), his strength is assisting companies in the transformation of their businesses to the Cloud by implementing the latest features, services, and solutions. Currently, his main focus is on the Microsoft Hybrid Cloud Platform, and especially on Microsoft Azure and the Azure hybrid services.   Wim is also a Microsoft MVP in the Azure category and a founding board member of the MC2MC user group. As a passionate community member, he regularly writes blogs and speaks about his daily experiences with Azure and other Microsoft technologies.

    Battle for the Hybrid Cloud: The Spring Edition
  • Microsoft MVP

    Agus Suparno

    I am an MVP Microsoft in Artificial Intelligence, as community leader, lecturer and also as CEO of Start Up

    Generative AI for Beginers
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